Dr Don Anderson

Dr Don Anderson has cared for the Ballarat community for over 30 years now. Passionate about dentistry, he believes in prevention above all else, and strives to arm his patients with the most useful information to help ease the stresses associated with dental treatment.

Dr Anderson is a dentist who is heavily committed to the dental profession; he believes in careful logical dental care; and, he has maintained his interest and enthusiasm for all of his many years of dental practice.

This enthusiasm was established in his student days when he read…

“Dental health is peculiar. The rich cannot buy it, and the poor cannot have it given to them. I can make people more comfortable, more functional, and more attractive. But I cannot make them healthy. I can teach them how to become healthy, but whether they remain that way will be up to them”

Source: Bob Barkly“Successful Preventive Dental Practices                                                                        Macomb, Illinois, USA.

Since his student days he has been an active member of several dental “special interest” societies including:

Australian Dental Association (ADA, VB Mid-West Group)
Australian Society of Occlusal Studies (ASOS, VB)
The Australian and New Zealand Society of Paediatric Dentistry Inc. (VB)
International Association of Dental Research – Dental- Materials Group (VB)
Australian Society of Endodontology (AES VB)
Australian Society of Periodontology (ASP VB)
Australian Prosthodontic Society (APS VB)

In 2012 his career-long commitment to patient wellbeing and dental logic was recognised through induction as a Fellow into the International College of Dentists.

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