THE PURPOSE OF OUR PRACTICE – Ballarat dentist Dr Don Anderson



An important purpose of our practice is to help our patients prevent dental disease.  Science has shown that disease control is possible. Therefore, it becomes a matter of learning how.
At Ballarat dentist Dr Don Anderson, we want our patients to have lasting good dental health. We do not want to lecture and we do not want to cause feelings of guilt although we do want patients to have the benefit of all the information and skills we possess.

This will give them the opportunity to decide whether or not to take personal control of the bacteria that bring about dental disease.


The best treatment we can offer is a lousy substitute for original oral healthy tissues.  Having said this, and if or when teeth, gums of jaws need treatment, we shall try to provide treatment that will not cause further disease or ignore existing restorations that are causing disease. This is particularly important as it relates to periodontal (gum) health.

Real teeth work much better than false teeth so treatment recommendations will always consider consequences to the working system of teeth, gums, muscles and jaw joints.