Just like adults, children require regular dental care and can have any number of dental problems, including cavities or tooth decay of issues with their bite (occlusion) particularly if first teeth are lost too early and the second permanent teeth are not guided into the correct position – if primary teeth are lost
it often means that later tooth crowding required orthodontics to correct or if orthodontics would have been needed anyway, treatment would be more complicated and therefore more costly. Making sure children are familiar with a family dentist provides the foundation on which to build your little one’s life-long dental health. To get started with a kid’s dentist in Ballarat consider building a relationship by scheduling an appointment for your child(ren) with Ballarat Dentist Dr Don Anderson today.

Why your Little One Should See A Dentist Who Treats Children

It is never too soon to establish good oral hygiene habits in children. As soon as your infant or toddler’s molar teeth erupt, you should consider seeing a children’s dentist in Ballarat sometime within the next few months. Your dentist will help you develop the skill to brush and floss your child’s teeth using a soft toothbrush. Children will play with paste and brush and this dental play may well protect front teeth. Unfortunately, this is not the case for the back teeth which can sometimes be retained until adolescence. Healthy back teeth required brushing and flossing by a skilled adult which can, given the temperament of most children be a very difficult routine to develop and maintain. But it is necessary, and there are ways of making this regimen a little easier with help from your children’s dentist. Once your child has developed the dexterity to master, particularly the skill of flossing of premolar and molar teeth, they can have coaching sessions themselves from the kid’s dentist with whom they have built up a good rapport – but, remember this may be around 12 years for girls and perhaps 14 years for boys as boys and girls develop co-ordination skills at different times.

During your child’s first dental visit the Ballarat Dentist Dr Don Anderson will do a parental in-lap examination of the child’s teeth so that the child is reassured by the parental contact. Hopefully treatment will not be needed at this stage and over time as familiarity builds and the environment is less strange, if treatment does become necessary it is more likely to be a less traumatic experience for both child and parent. During an older child’s first visit with Dr Don Anderson he may if necessary remove some soft plaques which if allowed to build up and harden may prevent later tooth decay and gum disease.

As a routine of annual dental examination is established Ballarat dentist Dr Don Anderson will continue to encourage parents to develop the skills to keep their child(ren) healthy and may even discuss diet. He will promote the need for (mostly) keeping baby or primary teeth because although these teeth will
eventually be lost (exfoliated) deciduous teeth retain spacing and help guide the positioning of permanent teeth avoiding later tooth crowding which may lead to an ugly smile making orthodontic care essential. As well baby teeth are important for day-to-day function with eating and speech. As an experienced dentist Dr Don Anderson knows that kid’s teeth and gums need to be monitored at least annually. This is the best way to build a habit of regular dental check-ups and to help protect your kid’s teeth for life.

Scheduling an Appointment with a Ballarat Dentist who is Experienced In Treating Children

Since 1977, Ballarat Dentist Dr Don Anderson has provided quality in-chair dental care for patients of all ages. Dr Don Anderson prefers to avoid general anaesthetics which are high risk procedures and very costly. Instead he relies on parental co-operation and a safe and effective mix of nitrous oxide and
Oxygen called Relative Analgesia (RA) or “happy gas”. This helps relax your little-one during dental treatment.

We understand the importance of taking care of the needs of Ballarat children from an early age. Children who see a dentist regularly and are familiar with the dental environment are less likely to need repairs and are more likely to have preventative care such as fissure sealants, with problems being identified and handled before they become too big.

Are you concerned about cost? We see children under the Child Dental Benefits Schedule (CDBS) for children and adolescents aged 2-17 years, and our initial examinations are provided for the government fee. Of course we see private patients also.

Be sure to complete our form or give us a call to start the child dentist relationship early. If there is a problem and urgent care seems necessary or if you know that your child has broken or missing teeth perhaps it would be a good idea to prioritise your contact. We shall do our best to fit you in for a same
day appointment.

Ballarat dentist Dr Don Anderson, an experienced dentist whom you can trust, will help you put your child(ren) on the road to great life-long dental health.