At our Ballarat dental clinic, we recognise oral care is not a one-off affair. Healthy teeth and gums are something you work on daily, starting at home but sometimes with the support of gentle, professional care from a trusted dentist. Dr Don Anderson offers thorough dental services that help build your foundations for healthy teeth and healthy living.

Dr Don Anderson has 35 years of experience in dentistry, with his Ballarat dental clinic recognised in 2012 by the International College of Dentists for its commitment to patients. His approach has always been patient-focused: we see lasting oral care as a joint effort between the dentist and the patient. The services we offer are always respectful, reassuring, and include the latest in dental advancements, and we make sure not to over-service, so you only get the treatment that’s truly best for you.

At our dental clinic in Ballarat, we prioritise pain relief and solving problems. We like to help our patients control existing oral diseases while guiding you toward preventative measures to help conquer issues before they appear.

To schedule an appointment or get more information, you can contact us. Whether you are suffering from gum disease, need a root canal, or have general oral concerns, we can help. Dr Don Anderson’s clinical skills and years of experience will have you feeling safe and at ease during your next visit.