Smile across the generations this World Cavity-Free Future Day

World Cavity-Free Future Day
Photo: Cathy Yeulet – 123rf

World Cavity-Free Future Day (WCFF Day), held on 14 October each year, is a global oral health initiative committed to fighting against the development and progression of dental caries, created and run by the Alliance for a Cavity-Free Future (ACFF).

This year, in addition to the global campaign message, the Australia and New Zealand ACFF Chapter are also promoting the importance of water as the ‘clear choice’ when it comes to drinking options.

This aim of this year’s WCFF Day theme—Smiles Across Generations—is to raise awareness about the way dental caries affect children, adults and seniors, and to encourage everyone to talk to each other about dental care.

To this end, a video competition is being held inviting 30-second video submissions that suggest how a cavity-free future might be achieved.

The ACFF stresses that the videos don’t have to be high-quality or professional and can be filmed on mobiles and tablets; the main requirement is that they feature people of all ages talking about how they look after their teeth. (Check out the ADA’s and other competition entries here.)

Entrants are being encouraged to also share their video through their own promotional channels to raise awareness about oral health issues in their online and real-world communities.

The competition closes on 30 September.