Last night the 24th November was the first face to face meeting that dentists have had in many months. They have been frustrated, as many of you have with zoom meetings. This first meeting back was from the Periodontal Society of which Dr Anderson has been a member for 40 years and he was very pleased to drive to Melbourne after work to attend this.

Periodontal is relating to or affecting the structures surrounding and supporting the teeth. This is the periodontal tissue. Healthy gums and sockets are vital for the health and preservation of your teeth. Without healthy sockets your gums will bleed when you brush and floss them and over the years will develop deep pockets where the support of the “periodontal tissue” is lost and your teeth can get loose and will eventually be lost.

It is critical that your gums and sockets are measured with a periodontal probe once a year to keep an eye on the health of the support structures. Periodontal disease is the most common disease in the world as most brushing techniques avoid the gums and very few people floss at all. Technique of plaque removal is the most important thing not the frequency of your brushing/flossing.

Having your dental team check your brushing and flossing technique and adjust it when necessary is the key to good dental health. No plaque = no tooth decay and no gum disease.