Wednesday 13th November saw Ballarat Dentist Dr Don Anderson attend the Australian Periodontal Society Victorian Branch meeting in Melbourne.

Dr Anderson has a wide range of dental interests and has been a member of several Victorian Dental Societies for many years.

The Periodontal Society is a branch of dentistry that focuses on gums and sockets. Periodontal disease is the most common disease in the world. It starts off as a gum infection which is caused by the plaque bacteria on your teeth. If not prevented this can (over a long and generally painless time), progress into a deeper infection of the sockets of the tooth roots and result in the loosening and loss of your teeth.

An accurate brushing and flossing technique as well as a regular trip to the dentist to “clean” out the deep gum pockets that you can’t reach will help prevent this insidious disease.

Dr Anderson measures the depth of every adult’s gums at their annual examination. It is a very important part of a dental exam. The earlier Periodontal disease is diagnosed the better your chances of holding it stable. Prevention is better than cure and it can be too late once your teeth have become loose.