Getting your kids to go to the doctor can be a chore. While you know the visit is essential, they stress about the time they’ll spend sitting on pins and needles—not to mention the threat of real needles. Visiting the dentist doesn’t sound much better to a child, but it’s in your family’s best interest to invest in oral health. Not only does oral health affect overall health, but it impacts appearance as well. Adding a trip to a children’s bulk billing dentist should be on your family’s priority list.

Dr Don Anderson is an experienced bulk billing dentist in Ballarat. Having served patients for over 35 years, he’s passionate about helping people maintain long-lasting oral health. He believes in supporting individuals and families in having healthy teeth, gums, and bites that will make teeth look good, feel
good, and function well.

Dedicated to being a lifelong learner, Dr Anderson, a kids bulk billing dentist, keeps up-to-date with advancements in treatment so he can equip patients with the knowledge they need to treat and maintain healthy teeth and gums. There’s tremendous value in establishing good habits at a young age. His practice supports children’s bulk billing so skipping a trip to the dentist never needs to be an option.

A Bulk Billing Children’s Dentist Who Knows the Importance of Early Care

Caring for your teeth and gums is a lifelong effort. With your children’s first set of teeth, proper care and maintenance can prevent early loss of teeth. Even though your kids will soon have their adult teeth, premature loss of baby teeth can set adult teeth on the wrong track, from early tooth decay to improper
placement. Seeing a dentist regularly once baby teeth emerge is essential for monitoring care and addressing these earliest concerns. Our dentistry supports families by making our services accessible with bulk billing.

We’ll bulk bill for comprehensive dental examinations and x-rays as well as select treatments. Your kids will have an experience that’s safe and relaxing, and we can use happy gas, with your cooperation, to calm their nerves. Happy gas is a safe option that keeps them awake through the service. As soon as the
service is over, they’ll feel just as they did before their arrival, and hopefully even more energetic when they realise their examination was more enjoyable than they expected.

A Ballarat Dentist Passionate About Making Oral Care Fun for Children

Not only are we dedicated to making our dentistry accessible to children through bulk billing, but we also want to make maintaining oral health fun—a set of healthy habits your children embrace. With the very first visit, your family will not only feel at home with our warm and friendly nurses and staff, but we’ll offer one-on-one coaching on how to establish effective oral hygiene habits at home. We’ll answer and address concerns you have regarding your teeth and gums and provide you with only the services you want or need.

If you’ve been procrastinating on getting your kids to the dentist, contact us today. Dr Don Anderson is a bulk billing children’s dentist in Ballarat who gives individuals and families a reason to smile and look forward to going to the dentist. Become part of his community of happy and healthy patients.